I have been blogging ever since I started my career as a software engineer.

I literally had zero professional experience then so I chose to write as I learn. I documented what I learned and shared my experience as I went.

Looking back at this 2.5 years later, writing blogs has helped me develop my skills, build an audience and advance my career.

Here are my top reasons why you should start writing blogs today.

You Get Better Technically

Writing helps to reinforce what you learned.

When you are learning a new technology or solving a very specific bug that dives deep into the language, you should write it down. Write down what you learned or how you fixed the bug. This document can then work as a reference for you in the future and help others in your same path.

But this process helps you even more by forcing you to articulate what you have learned, helping you learn and understand the concept better.

You Get Better at Communicating

Communication is one of the best skills you can have as a developer. It is a much needed skill even if you are not writing technically in your job.

A lot of what software engineering is requires you ot work in teams where you have to have good communication to get the best results.

Writing forces you to communicate well. It forces you to think clearly, formulate your thoughts and communicate the thoughts with others.

If there is a feedback loop where you can get comments from your readers, use that feedback to improve your communication.

You are Helping Others

There are always people who can benefit from your content.

This is regardless of where you are in your career. Even though I had very little professional experience, sharing what I’ve learned and my experience has helped people trying the same path.

Create content and there will be readers.

You are Building Your Personal Brand

Welcome to 2022 where it is all about your personal brand.

Building a personal brand can help you in many ways. Creating content on the internet and putting your name on it is a solid step towards this.

What you write will be associated to your personal brand. And personal brands helps you build personal monopolies.

You are Setting Up Your Career

When you write online you are building your professional network.

This network of people who share similar interests with you can help by providing opportunities that you might have not received otherwise. They already have a picture of you and your skills form the content you write.

It is easy once you start writing.

You will find more reasons why you want to continue writing blog posts and you will form a habit.

The important step is to just start. Don’t wait till you are “good enough” or “experienced” to start writing. Things will fall in their places once you start.