Here’s what I’m doing now.

Upcoming Travels

I will be in Surakarta for LibreOffice Conf. Asia and UbuCon Asia on October 7th and 8th. I plan to travel around Indonesia and try the digital nomad thing for a few weeks. Bali is definitely at the top of my list.

Feel free to say hi if you are here. I promise I won’t bite.

Full-Time Job

I work full-time at, where I help build Apache APISIX.

Apache APISIX is an open source, high-performance, cloud native API gateway.

I work to ensure that APISIX’s users have the best experience using APISIX. I also travel a lot to talk to more people about APISIX.

Blog and Newsletter

I write on this blog about my work and my other projects. I also send biweekly newsletters to a couple of hundred people. The newsletter is now on hiatus because of my busy work and personal schedule. I hope to be back at it in a couple of months. The newsletter is back!

I don’t plan to work on these full-time or scale and monetize them, at least for now.


I’m currently reading V K N's collected short stories.

I’m also reading The Anarchy by William Dalrymple. It talks about the East India Company and how it rose to power against Indian kingdoms.

I like learning history. I’m terrible at it, and I have been improving my knowledge by reading more history books.

I have also been using Readwise for articles and newsletters. It works really well. I will create a public list of my subscriptions soon.

Side Projects and Hobbies

I’m not working on any side projects now. But I have a big “Ideas” document that I find myself updating constantly.

A lot of my hobbies, like playing my bass guitar, have reduced significantly. I plan to spend more time on my hobbies after a few months.