Good morning from Singapore!

I reached here in the morning but can’t check in to my co-living space until the afternoon, which sucks.

But I can safely store my bag and hang out at the shared workspace until the rest of Singapore wakes up and start their day. I’m off to get some breakfast and walk around the city as soon as I finish writing this.

Early morning worker bee
Early morning worker bee

lyf Funan Singapore - 9th February 2023

I’m staying on top of a shopping mall, which is pretty cool. The place looks and feels chic.

Hotels are overrated. I will choose hostels and co-living spaces over it. They are cheaper, have all the facilities, and you meet people randomly. I will shift to a different (more inexpensive) hostel on Sunday.

I made an attempt to shoot random videos during my travel. I plan to try out my editing skills with it.

Afternoon update

I finally have a room!

It is only 2 pm, and I have reached almost 30,000 steps. My new shoes suck, and my leg hurts. Thankfully, I bought my trusty pair of Asics. 30,000 is going to look like 3,000 now.

My dinner plan for today is to find the best chicken satay in Singapore and then crash and burn.

Staying in a country longer takes the pressure off to make every minute count and allows you to visit places at a more leisurely pace. And with a work-from-anywhere job, I can get a lot of work done.

I will write a detailed post on my travel, but daily logs will continue unedited.