I’m working on a new article comparing service mesh and API gateway technologies.

There has been a lot of buzz around these in recent years, and I have seen a lot of comparisons and API gateway is doomed, or service mesh is doomed posts.

Whatever information they may or may not convey, a lot of these articles fail to compare these technologies comprehensively.

Having worked on projects in both these technologies (Apache APISIX, Meshery, Service Mesh Performance), I think I know how to best present these technologies to a new user.

Like all my articles, this would be easy to follow.

But unlike a lot of my articles, this could have more readers. So before I go about posting it on Hacker News, I have to be careful about how I present it.

I don’t want to miss explaining things or explain things incorrectly. If I want this article to be the go-to reference on the topic, I have to make it complete.

I should also make it so the user can follow my train of thought. It is now a mess on a Notion page, but I have to somehow arrange it to make sense for a reader.

Guess what I’ll be working on this weekend?