Got there eventually.

Wordle 232 6/6


It is good to back writing code.

There is a lot for me to catch up on. I managed to clear my GitHub notifications—they were close to 100.

With last night’s party (this explains why I didn’t blog yesterday night), my two years in university effectively comes to an end. What remains is a semester of internship and everyone is scattered across the country. I will go back home later this month.

Photo of the day
Photo of the day

Hostel, Digital University Kerala

Being with other people—a lot of other people—has been a change I didn’t anticipate to enjoy—as I don’t mind spending time alone.

But looking back at these few days, I think of things I miss when I lack company. I miss a lot.

It is going to be a change of scenery again. There will definitely be a “getting used to” period when I am back to solitude—like we did at the start of the pandemic.

Change is inevitable, change is uncontrollable, change is exciting. Embrace change, let it change you.