India is playing South Africa and I’m really excited for day four. It may seem one sided now and an easy win for the Proteas but the scores don’t tell the whole story.

Thakur is bringing everything to the table and he has been practically unplayable for the entire day.

As the pitch plays an integral part in this match, it is going to be an exciting day four if it starts of with a couple of wickets. It should be neck and neck.

I recently wrote about My Blog Setup and my Writing Process. And a topic I didn't articulate fully was the reason why I chose to write on my own blog instead of platforms like Medium.

These platforms will limit me in the future. If this blog turns to be a viable business in the future, I don’t want to be at the mercy of the platform to setup payments, subscriptions, or something else.

I don’t want my content to be tied closely with the platform making it difficult to switch to something new in the future.

In contrast, all my posts here are written in markdown and I can just copy the content over to a different setup if I need one in the future.

Navendu in the future, if you are reading this, I hope this was a good choice.