I need to be more careful. I am turning on the hard mode from tomorrow.

Wordle 226 5/6


It’s been a month since I started Daily Logs.

Writing everyday has helped me articulate my thoughts and build a habit.

There are a lot more ideas flowing. I have ideas for new articles, projects, things to learn and things to do thanks to this process.

It has been difficult at start to sit down and write things down. But after a month, I am much in tune with the process.

I don’t have a particular time where I sit down to write—which I will have from next week—and I have preferred to go with the flow.

I am excited about the next month. There will be a lot of good changes that should make my life less stressful. I will be working solely on things I am a 100% interested in.

🍻 Here’s to the rest of 2022!

I don’t have a photo for you today but here is a cool song.