If you are a reader here, you would not be a stranger to my recent video game adventures.

As much fun as I’m having, I miss the old days when the games were simple. I’m talking about the early 2000s when the 90s of the west hit the Indian shore, and you could get video game consoles.

I’m sure these consoles weren’t official Nintendos but cheap alternatives. They could run cheaply bought cassettes (I used to call them chips because you plug them in like a chip).

Anyway, gaming back then was more fun. Now that you have all these fancy games and setups, video games have lost their charm.

Enter RetroPies.

I always wanted to get my hands on one of these. And I wanted to build something cool with a Raspberry Pi.

A couple of questions on Reddit, a proxy address in the US, and clicks on AliExpress later, I bought everything I needed to set up my own handheld gaming device.

I spent quite some money on this. I may regret this decision by the time the shipment arrives. Anyway, YOLO.