I’m back in easy mode.

Wordle 288 3/6


My USB-C to 4 USB-A hub arrived today and it works as I expected. I connected it to the USB-C port of my regular USB hub and connected all my peripheral devices to it. I thought it might overload it but it works really well and all my devices work smoothly.

I did this to prepare for my new microphone which should arrive tomorrow.

I use Macbook Air and it only has 2 USB-C ports. I use one of them for dedicated charging and I don’t want to use the pass through charging feature of my USB hub.

So, what I setup today should work well.

And with the microphone, my setup is complete from what I planned originally.

I started reading these series of articles on Reddit about Singapore. To be exact, the articles are are review of Lee Kuan Yew‘s—former Prime Minister of Singapore—book, From Third World to First.

I was shocked to realise how little I knew about Singapore and even though I’ve been there, I never thought how they grew to be a country they are today.

In the aftermath of my shock I learned a lot about the man who had the vision and means to implement the vision and how he helped in Singapore’s growth.

Rewatching Die Hard is a great idea any day. Today was a great day.