I beat my roommate today. In Wordle that is.

Wordle 257 4/6


I’m committed to long lasting relationships,
but I have never committed to a career.
I’m still friends with people who I’ve known since I was born
but I have been switching industries and jobs in the past four years regularly.

I have begun to understand the power of consistency in the past years. I was able to build my skills just by getting at it everyday. Most of my money is invested for long-term in stocks. I bought a G-Shock three years ago and it should last for a lifetime.

I know that committing to things lead to better outcomes in the future. Still, I can’t keep the FOMO in the bay to stop thinking just about the now.

I was reading David Perell’s essay Hugging the X-Axis where he talks about why we should commit to things.

2022 might be the year where I find my career. I have been trying new things lately and I believe I have found what sticks.

I’m optimistic about this year.