What a race in Monaco!

Checo is my favorite driver on the grid and seeing him battle it out with Sainz and win the race was an absolute delight.

Checo is a contender for the championship now. He was a contender before, but Red Bull only cared about Verstappen, even when we were just a couple of races into the season.

Now that he is a third-place finish from the title, Red Bull can’t ask him to let Max pass because of points. Spanish GP was heartbreaking.

An incredible race was followed by a rather un-incredible IPL Final.

I was rooting for the homeboy Sanju Samson and the Royals team. The match was uneventful, and the Royals lost. But I think Sanju has shown he is a legit T20 batsman this season. Too bad he is not on the international squad because of “consistency.”

I haven’t watched the last couple of seasons of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. So, like a reasonable human being, I decided to start watching the gem of a show from the first episode of the first season.

It’s comedy gold, definitely on my “top shows of all-time” list.