Mini-Boom! I should have guessed it earlier.

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An anonymous confession made my day, nay year.

Guys don’t get complimented enough, so when someone comes and gives you a complement, you cherish it and you will remember it for life.

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Photo of the day

Instagram - 28th January 2022

You remember the collaboration with a tech YouTube channel? I got in touch with them today and the discussion went well.

More updates on this down the road.

I have changed a lot from the time I left for college in 2015 to now. The catalysts for this change are my experiences.

Everything I am now was shaped by what happened to me in the past.

What this taught me is that people change. The cliche line “the only thing constant is change” couldn’t spit more truth.

It also taught me to learn from experiences. Not only mine but from the experiences of others. It is the best teacher.

This is the reason I share my experiences.

Even though I’m a relative newcomer to my professional field, there are things people find useful from my experience. There is always someone who can benefit from your experience.

There will be people on the internet who will say you are not qualified to write about something because you don’t have experience. But these people are just looking for someone to fuel their ego. Don’t mind them.

I had comments enabled on this blog but it isn’t there anymore—for obvious reasons.

I ended up not having that Shawarma yesterday. Self-control my dear friends, is hard.