2 kool 4 skul.

Wordle 253 2/6


People reward authenticity.

This is as true in the real world as it is in the internet. Think of the most popular content creators. Why are they popular? Are they unique? Do they bring their own self into their content or are they faking it?

Social media is an important part of our lives. My life from high school is documented on the internet. This means that a lot of my mistakes are documented publicly on the internet as well.

If a borderline millennial (or a borderline Gen-Z) like me runs for office, sooner or later, people are going to dig up my cringe and questionable posts from the past. This is true for most of us in this generation.

Making mistakes on the internet—in public—is inevitable.

So, what do we do about it?

I would argue that people should be tolerant of these mistakes. Accept that it is only human to make these mistakes and move on.

I would also argue to try to be your authentic self in social media. Therefore, you have got nothing to hide. Even if aspects of your personal life goes online, it wouldn’t be unexpected because you weren’t afraid to show who you were.