I have to finish recording a talk by Sunday. It’s my first talk about API gateways, and hopefully, it will be much easier the second time.

I’m pretty new to API gateways; it’s my second month at the job. Even though a lot of my experience translates into this new job, I’m still testing the waters when creating content.

Since API gateways are an old topic, I’m figuring out ways to best present it to a hype-driven engineering ecosystem. Once I get the hang of it—after a few conferences and feedback—I will be able to make this process faster.

My slides look pretty good. I’m very particular about how my slides look. Back in college, both in my undergrad and graduate classes, I was always the one making presentations for any sort of team event. I’m a team player, but I physically can’t do presentations with a lousy set of slides.

This “my way or the highway” attitude works well when others don’t care about the actual slides. But, it gets complicated when more than one presenter on the team is opinionated. And I did have some opinionated teammates!

I can’t complain, however. I know what it feels like to have definite opinions on things. I have to remind myself to keep my ideas loosely held.