I’m getting back on my continuous writing schedule. I fell off the tracks a couple of months back, but now I feel I’m back 100%.

Every successful blogger I follow says that the key to their success is writing regularly. They start off mediocre, and their habit of writing eventually makes them better writers and their blogs successful.

I started blogging two years ago, but I have never been consistent until now. Even now, I’m hoping I will be consistent. I haven’t proven that yet.

I have been consistent with Daily Logs most of the time during the last 200-ish days. It is primarily unedited, and I use it to dump all my thoughts throughout the day.

It is a way to think better and articulate my thoughts. I also notice my writing is improving. I can write stuff quickly now.

I’m also enjoying this freedom to write what I want here, and this finds its way into my actual blog posts.

I’m writing to myself. I’m my audience. I’m selfish. This liberty brings out the best in me.