I have been reading more ever since I started using my Kindle again.

I have used Kindles for at least eight years but I haven’t noticed the significant impact it has.

While you live in campus with 40 other people on your same floor, you are faced with a lot of distractions. And it being the middle of the exams, you only have so much time.

When you are reading a physical book, the constant interruptions and the small bursts of time you get can slow you down.

You have to constantly stop reading, leave a bookmark, come back to the page, find where you left off and start and you only have a tiny sliver of your time to read.

But when you are in a Kindle, you can just put it down, resolve the interruptions and come back to the book right away. There is no page turning or bookmarking, it is just lines of text that you can easily consume.

I love physical books because I love something tangible and I also love how it looks on my shelf. There is also a “My Book Collection” aspect to it I guess that many people will resonate with as well.

So, more of my future reading will be on Kindle and with this new found insight, I hope to read more books this year. I haven’t set any goals yet but I probably should to hold myself accountable.