What a great day to be alive and witness ISRO landing Chandrayaan-3 on the moon. Seeing the joy and sense of achievement of the scientists behind the project was something. I hope this inspires a new generation of engineers, scientists, and spacefarers. People are awesome.

I re-stumbled across the most viewed TED talk by Sir Ken Robinson, titled “Do schools kill creativity?” He argues that all of us are born creative, and we lose our creativity as we grow up in an educational system tailored to meet the needs of the industrial revolution.

I have been looking back on my days at school, and I believe this to be true as well. I did not have to work very hard to get good grades and spent most of my time off school doing things I liked. I think this has helped me stay at least a bit creative and curious as I find myself working only at creative jobs and being very bored with the menial tasks.

These realizations have been so influential that I have decided to homeschool any children I’m responsible for in the future. At least these hypothetical children won’t be joining conventional schools like the ones I have been to and find classes tedious and draining of their innate human nature to be curious and learn.

It is also a good goal to be creative and explore whatever tickles your curiosity.