On some days, I have to really think.

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So, it’s day three at my new job. But what exactly do I do?

This is quite difficult to answer when I’m talking to my family or friends who don’t have a software engineering background.

It usually goes like this.

I work on cloud stuff. We build software that helps developers build better software that runs on the cloud. It is open source and free to use and we build a paid solution offering more features.

Most people would just nod and listen and wonder why I’m not working at <insert large Indian MNC name>.

If people are really interested—which I assume they are not— I would start from monoliths and microservices and finish at API gateways and service meshes. I have been in this long enough to explain this well to anyone with basic understanding of how the internet works.

I went off on a tangent from what I actually wanted to write.

This is exactly what I do at work. I assume that people reading this are tech savvy enough to understand what I write.

So, I’m a Developer Advocate for Apache APISIX. APISIX is a cloud native API gateway. It has been adopted widely in China and my goal as a Developer Advocate is to have more people using APISIX in production.

That wasn’t that bad. I’m kind of moving around on my day-to-day tasks but my overarching goal is to get APISIX in the hands of many.

I have recently gained interest in design. And architectural design principles and “patterns” have greatly influenced software patterns.

Christopher Alexander’s ideas are really interesting and I watched this video today which talks about it.