Words I don’t know are not that hard to guess.

Wordle 249 4/6


I live with the freedom and comfort my parents and their generation fought for.

This gets very literal in some scenarios. My father studied engineering from 85-89 in Kerala. It was a period where student movements where on the rise against pressing problems in the state. One of the demands of the students was a technological university that would manage all the engineering colleges in the state.

Of course, the government being an incompetent potato, this never came to place during his time in college.

But, fast-forward 30 years, I joined for engineering as Kerala Technological University’s first batch. As the first batch, we felt like guinea pigs being injected with experimental courses, syllabuses and processes so that the future generations of engineering students in the state can benefit.

But what about us?

Anyway, four years of text book learning at college did not do me any good.

All this was to make a point that we literally are reaping the rewards from the fights of our previous generation.

Now to bash the older generation. The younger generation often gets criticized by the older generation for not having to fight the battles they fought and having everything easy. But is this true?

We may not have the same fights as them, but we do have our own fights.

This doesn’t mean that we have it easy. In fact, I would go out on a limb and say our generation has it harder.

Most of us are competing against the world to get that job or get into that college which our older generation never had to deal with. We carry around devices that constantly try to get a hold of our attention from the physical world. The world is being controlled by the previous generation and the future they are leaving seems dystopian.

Growing up and living amidst all this is a challenge on to its own.

So, is it a healthy process to rebel against everything that came before?