I finished reading “The Defining Decade ” by Meg Jay.

While deciding what to read next from my list of “Want to Read ” books (it has 89 books now and it is not getting smaller), a random conversation with a friend led me to Haruki Murakami .

I have read Murakami’s works during the initial lockdown days.

I got interested in his writing through a collection of his short stories titled “The Elephant Vanishes”. It was right up my alley and I went on to read a lot more of his books.

23rd June 2020
My Haruki Murakami Collection

23rd June 2020

Kafka on the Shore ” was as magical as this TED video portrays. It under the genre of magical realism and I may have a taste for this genre.

My favorite book of all time is “One Hundred Years of Solitude ” by Gabriel García Márquez and it has this similar elements of magical realism, bringing magic to the seemingly ordinary.

So here I was, looking at my “Want to Read” pile and I found Murakami’s short stories collection “Men Without Women ”.

It is in moments like these you are thankful that you own a Kindle. I had the ancient one without a backlight and now I have the Kindle 10th Gen .

Getting the book on Kindle was easy and I started reading. Should I be writing book reviews here?