I didn’t play Wordle today and I broke my streak for the second time.

But, it has been a month since I started working on Apache APISIX. It has been a difficult month with onboarding to a new job, traveling, making future plans and engaging in community activities both personally and professionally.

I think I was able to make some significant impact in such a short time. In this next month, I would be more impactful. It is going to be full-fledged, “Navendu” mode.

My friend got married today. Being at such events is a slap in the face reminder of how old I’ve become. Feels like yesterday when we were playing cricket and in the blink of an eye, my dude is getting married.

Dude got married
Dude got married

21st April 2022

I’m getting old, but not wise. Okay, Google…