200 daily logs. That’s a lot of words.

I have been reading Linux Foundation’s report on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Open Source: Exploring the challenges and opportunities to create equity and agency across open source ecosystems.

From my experience in open source communities and the broader tech ecosystem, I’m from an underrepresented group. I always thought this to be something of an overcompensation. Traditionally, we were underrepresented, but now with the internet and remote work, more people like me are in tech.

But, reading through this report, I came to realize that this is far from true. The report says that more people in traditionally underrepresented communities feel less welcome, are uninvolved in the decision process, and face some stereotyping behavior.

This makes me realize that publicly speaking about this and representing my community is highly impactful. I will also be writing about this in my blog and newsletter soon.

I found this cool blog today. I always wish every blog has an RSS feed or some other mechanism for me to subscribe to the blog. How do I follow you? Do I have to follow you on Twitter just to read your posts?

My blog has an RSS feed and even has one for every category. You can pick and choose what you want to subscribe to. But I’m not sure if RSS feeds are a thing anymore.