Every so often, I stumble across fascinating personal blogs of engineers.

I might have encountered one of their posts when I was researching something. After reading that, I binge everything they have ever written about.

I write this today because I’m binging Lee Robinson's blog.

I find it fascinating because I can relate to a lot of stuff, and Lee is writing about things I want to achieve at work. It is like having someone create content just for you.

I’m also a very impressionable person. So having too much from one cup can skew my perspectives very much.

To even things out, I always google related topics and read what others have to say about the subject. Top results are usually opinionated, and I strike a balance.

Anyway, this is way better than my other habits of binging Parks and Recs or The Office.

In other news, I updated this site to the latest version of Hugo and made some updates to how the site looks.

I have mild OCD about my website, so the update took me all day.