I didn’t have any idea of how finances worked. I think I still don’t.

When I first started making money, this was okay as I had significantly less savings and was spending a big portion of my income on living expenses.

But now, I have been working full-time for four years, making more money. I have to be careful about how I save and spend.

Growing up means you can’t be nonchalant about money.

I knew I wasn’t a big spender and didn’t want to make “quick money.” Saving money was more for financial freedom than future spending.

Putting all my money in a savings account or a low-interest FD seemed like something my parents would do. Not me, the 21st-century intelligent investor!

Actually, I would have done this, but I found fintech gurus on YouTube bashing FDs.

Investing should be an easy process. I shouldn’t have to worry about it. My portfolio consists mainly of mutual funds linked to index funds.

80% of my monthly income goes directly into these investments. My emergency fund is in a fixed deposit that can be easily liquidated.

All of these happen automatically. I don’t have to spend hours picking stocks and funds. I made an informed decision once and automated the process.

I don’t have to worry about watching my portfolio closely or about market fluctuations. I index and chill.

I stole this line from Jack Raines’ article today, which reminded me of my experiences.

PS: This is not investment advice.