I can’t go a day without seeing “10 Free Resources to Learn Web3” Tweets on my feed.

Web3 is the talk of the town these days. Regardless of which side of “Web3 is Bullshit” you are on, you have to admit it is pretty cool.

I think it is.

I’m learning about blockchain technologies for a college course and I had a test today which forced me to dive in a little deeper on Sunday.

And of course, my thoughts spiralled into whether I should invest in crypto or stick to equities.

I think the next 10 years would be interesting for the blockchain space. There is a lot of capital money being poured in to blockchain based startups and there are a lot of people optimistic about Web3. People are investing in crypto and believe that they are the currencies of the future.

But, you can’t never really predict the future with a 100% certainty.

I haven’t involved myself a lot in this field but it is something I plan to try out in 2022.

I wonder what would happen?