Thought I had it at 4. Getting it at 5 was easy as I tried every remaining letter and eventually it spelled something meaningful and I got all green lights.

Wordle 245 5/6


Whiplash is one of my favorite movies of all time.

The movie portrays a jazz drummer trying to become great one of the greats. He is mentored by harsh professor who goes to extreme levels to ensure perfection in his pupils.

Although it seems like the professor is pushing too much, it is revealed later in the movie that his intention was to always push his students to achieve beyond what is expected of them.

The movie is a story of relentless hard work and sacrifice that goes into becoming one of the greats.

When you are ambitious, you have to make sacrifices. When you are ambitious, you have to work hard.

It seems to me (more so recently) that the society has grown to despise hard work.

These arguments make sense that oftentimes, working hard would result in sacrificing relationships and health and these are difficult to recover from. They force us to think “is this really worth sacrificing my health and wellbeing?”.

This is where I draw the line between what is worth doing and worth sacrificing.

I believe that hard work is key if you have ambitions.

There is the age old argument that “You don’t work hard, you have to work smart” which may sound smart but in reality, it is the long hours, the sacrifices, the grunt, and the hard work that combines these that makes an impact.

I have built my relationships so as to accommodate my goals. People in my life are aware of this and there is minimal impact on my absence currently. I sometimes have to sacrifice my social life in pursuit of something greater and I have never regretted it.

As for my health, I workout every morning. I very rarely skip this but I am at a place where I am okay to skip it.

There is always a sacrifice. To reach your ambitions, first find that sacrifice and be ready to pay the price. Then there is no turning back. There are no brakes. You are heading to the ramp and there is nothing holding you back.

I love this scene from Whiplash.