Wordle 303 4/6


I have been binging Formula 1: Drive to Survive the past few days. I’m already on season 4, which means that all of my free time is spent watching it.

It really gives perspective into the lives of the drivers and their team and what goes outside the track. I have always been a fan of the sport and have watched it since mid 2000s where Schumacher, Räikkönen and Alonso dominated the track.

My interest reduced after it was obvious that Lewis Hamilton was unbeatable. I haven’t been following the sport much in the last few years since this Mercedes dominance started.

But, the Netflix series has showed me that there is more to Formula 1 than finishing first. The victories of the underdogs are always inspiring and you get to see a lot of it and what goes behind in this series.

It is definitely a must binge if you are into racing.

I’m going to finish season 4 before the next race and I will follow this year’s championship more closely.