I start off my “work day”—when I finish my morning routine and sit in front of my computer screen—by catching up on some light reading.

I usually have a backlog I go to to start me off and I also have subscriptions to my favorite bloggers via email or RSS (yes I still use an RSS reader).

Most of what I read are from indie blogs I found through Twitter, Reddit, Hacker News or through aggregators like Blogging for Devs and daily.dev.

I was listening to the Changelog while working out earlier today. The episode featured Paul Orlando and he was talking about Complex systems and second-order effects.

This led me to his blog “Unintended Consequences” which is summed up pretty well by its opening statement-

In our interconnected world, we need to learn about causes of unintended consequences. Those who do that can thrive. Those who don’t risk ruin.

I read “A New Morality of Attainment (Goodhart’s Law)” and listened to half of the podcast and would complete it later today.

You can check out the podcast episode here.

It was an insightful conversation and the articles on the site look good. This might be the rabbit hole I will fall in today.

I followed this up by an article form my backlog, “Don't Kill Time” by David Perell.

I resonate a lot with what he says and that is how I try to live my life now—at least from the past two years.