Back in 2020, when COVID-19 had just started, I used to read Murakami’s novels on cold, gloomy, rainy days.

The characters in Murakami’s works take you through a journey in their shoes. You can relate to a character even though you are worlds apart from them.

Summer in Kerala went by in a flash, and it is now monsoon. Rain brings out this yearning for the past in me. I want to sit by a window and read a book without worrying about my life.

So, yesterday, I started reading Norwegian Wood on my Kindle.

I think I have a phase where I’m reading a lot on my Kindle, but seasonally, I go back to books. Right now, reading on Kindle is my jam.

Norwegian Wood starts off like a book I usually read on cold evenings. The protagonist is a twentysomething, and the setting is relatable. It makes me think about similar events in my life—perfect for a chilly evening.

Reading is also a good change of pace from binging TV shows these past few weeks. The question is, “would I be able to binge read?”