I have two upcoming talks in the next two weeks.

My firsts in 2022. And I hope to speak more at conferences this year.

The first is at DevConf.cz 2022 on the 29th this month and the second is at FOSDEM 2022 on the 5th of February.

Measuring Service Mesh Performance 101

This is my talk at DevConf.cz that dives into how the performance of a workload running on top of a service mesh can be benchmarked.

I also look into the tools Meshery and Service Mesh Performance—both Cloud Native Computing Foundation projects I’m a maintainer of—and how they can help in consistent performance benchmarks of these workloads.

How to ask Good Questions in Open Source Communities

This talk at FOSDEM 2022 is based on my article “How I Ask Questions as a Software Engineer”.

I narrow the scope of the talk to be more specific to open source projects/communities with key takeaways that I think are helpful to every open source contributors.

I am still working on recording this talk and I hope to complete half of it today.