I have been using Kubernetes since 2020. I built tooling around Kubernetes last year but lost my touch coming into 2022.

I’m currently working APISIX ingress controller, which supports Kubernetes ingress resources and its own CRDs. I lost my bearings a couple of minutes in.

So, I decided to spend my morning revamping my Kubernetes skills. It went better than I expected. I just needed a little nudge to get back on track.

By afternoon, I was talking to another engineer on my team, asking questions and giving feedback on roadmap features. I spent the rest of the day working on the ingress controller.

I’m back in the phase where work is addictingly exciting. I find it easier to work for long hours by taking breaks from a task to work on a different task. Writing blogs has been my go-to secondary task in the last week.

I’m also spending more time on my newsletter and reading articles. The first edition of the new newsletter will be published next Friday. Exciting times.