Wordle can’t beat me today.

Spoiler! Today’s word was today.

Wordle 266 3/6


I’m speaking at the Codebar Festival in a couple of hours.

I’ll be speaking about Levelling Up Your Career Through Open Source.

I’ll keep this open till I finish my session.

So, I just finished the session! It went really well and the recording should be edited and uploaded to YouTube in some time.

codebar Festival 2022
codebar Festival 2022

localhost - 12th March 2022

There were a lot of questions as well and I barely finished answering on time.

Great experience overall. Would love to come back next year.

I went on a small hike afterwards to get some fresh air and to keep my blood pumping.

I ended the evening with this great view.

Photo of the day
Photo of the day

Kunnambadari - 12th March 2022