The internet is a place where you can talk about anything, and you will have an audience. This is far from my real life, where I can’t just go to random people or friends/family and talk about sustaining open source projects.

The internet connects you to people who are excited about the same things as you. And this means that you can be your true self, and you will find people who genuinely like that.

This also means that being authentic is important. If you want to grow your blog or build an audience, you need to bring your personality to your content.

Your audience wants to hear your thoughts and opinions, not just robotic content. You need to add flavor to everything you create, and that’s how you build an audience.

I’m thinking out loud as I write this. I have a long way to go. Being myself in these daily logs has been an excellent initiative to drive this goal forward.

xkcd made me LOL way too much with this one
xkcd made me LOL way too much with this one