It seems like I can only “write daily” on Sundays.

I seem to have lost my consistency as the year progressed. I tried to comfort myself by saying that it is okay to miss a few days and that I don’t have to force myself to write these every day.

I needed this because as the year progressed, I was traveling more, and I couldn’t take a half-an-hour to write on my laptop.

So, this year, I missed around 115 days of daily logs. But I can live with it because I have been consistent on my blog and newsletter publishing schedule.

A lot of stuff happened in the last few weeks. We are in the climax stages of the World Cup, there is an AI that can bullshit about almost anything very well, and I have back-to-back trending posts that even made it to the front page of Hacker News.

I was two teams off in my quarter-final predictions, which is not bad. I still think my prediction for the final would be correct, although I want a Croatia vs. Morocco final.

People are worried about chat GPT, and rightfully so. I thought my job as an engineer and content creator was irreplaceable, but here we are with an AI that could almost do it all.

But I’m not worried because these AIs are helping me do my job better. It has made me much more efficient and improved my work. I can produce content faster and understand code easier. It replaced a lot of menial work.

We have to wait and see where AI will lead us to. I spent a semester studying about intelligence explosion a couple of years back, and I think we might be reaching the end of a slope that is exponentially steep.

Our jobs will change for the better. It will put us all in a much better situation 🤞

As all of this happened, my last two posts were trending. As much fun as it was to see your post on the front page of Hacker News, I almost blew through my bandwidth quota in Netlify.

Both posts had images or diagrams, which are the main culprits. I noticed the spike in bandwidth today and configured an image compression tool in my CI to reduce the size.

If this fixes the issue, I won’t spend any more time trying to optimize the site. Maybe I can pay someone to do it if it becomes an issue.