A couple of months ago, my system to track tasks broke down.

The system was my own brain and depended on its ability to remember things. But it had this bug where it can only remember so many things before an incoming information pushes out “address the comments on the performance testing design spec”.

I had a physical book and Evernote to complement my ability to remember things but these didn’t make me more productive or make my life any easier.

Falling down YouTube rabbit holes is a thing. But falling down the “My Notion setup tour for <insert niche here> <insert year here>” rabbit hole is a thing of its own.

Notion definitely had a lot of good reviews as a tool for task management and productivity. Notion, here comes Navendu.

I took a weekend to finish a basic setup that lets me track everything I care about. It is the only place I go to note or track anything. It made everything else obsolete.

I still use it very effectively. It has increased my productivity and made my life a lot easier.

There is a fine line between it becoming a productivity tool and a tiring process. The line is a bad place to be in a tightrope.