I don’t believe it took me this long to figure out today’s word.

It may even be the case that I didn’t think it would be a word in the list.

Spoiler below.

Today’s word was Rupee.

I’m from India.

Wordle 255 6/6


This comment on an issue in an open source project sums up the state of the planet today.

Slava Ukraini!
Slava Ukraini!

I have been working in open source for the past two and a half years. It has been the most rewarding job I’ve ever had.

I’m fortunate to get paid to work on open source things and it is not something most open source contributors have.

I realized how much I love doing this when a friend asked if he could refer me for a job at a consulting firm. I tried my best to not be rude and politely responded that I only intend to work on open source things. I skipped mentioning that I was confident enough to switch jobs easily—didn’t want to seem too cocky.

Now I’m only bragging on the internet.

I kid.

Today I read Charity’s post titled Questionable Advice: The Trap of the Premature Senior and I think more people need to do the same. Especially people who are new to the industry and are working at startups.

I have more to discuss on this topic but to not make some things public right away, I will come back to it in—hopefully—a couple of days.