I don’t usually set concrete goals for the year but instead choose to go with the flow.

This worked very well when I was exploring things and had the privilege to change my plans, and along with it my goals.

But, things are different this year.

I am at a job I really like, working on things interesting to me.

The count in my “list of ideas I haven’t found time to work on” is at an all time high.

I will finish my exams in January and will be on the path to graduate with a Master’s Degree. Less school. More time to work on ideas.

All of these factors signal the need to set and work on goals consistently and efficiently.

So, here are my goals for the year.

  1. Graduate: Clear all my exams and graduate with 9.0+ CGPA
  2. Write more: Write every day, write better content, build bigger audiences. Reach at least 500 subscribers.
  3. Read more: Read at least 12 books in the year. Try out audio books.
  4. Play music more: Play bass guitar at least three times a week. Master the SLAP BASS.
  5. Run: Run for at least four days a week. Run a half-marathon distance by the end of the year.
  6. Work on project ideas: Work on building some projects I have vague ideas on and reach a point where any one of them is monetizable.
  7. Get better at my job: Work full-time and be a better engineer and a product manager. Be better at people and project management.
  8. Spend time to maintain relationships: Catch up with old friends and spend more time with new ones.
  9. Travel more: Travel to a foreign country. Start working towards being a digital nomad.

Thinking about my goals from a high-level gives me ideas on how I can execute them, track their progress and hold myself accountable.

I should keep coming back to this list and add more things to it in the future.