I’m an Engineer working on Service Meshes, Deep Learning on Edge and Neuro-Memristive Systems.

I work part-time at Layer5, where we build Open-Source products to make Service Meshes available to everyone.

I’m a maintainer at Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) for the projects - Meshery and Service Mesh Performance.

I also maintain (also the creator) NSFW Filter which is a free and Open-Source web extension.

I’m also pursuing my Master’s Degree in Computer Science with a primary focus on Machine Intelligence.

I’m a Google Summer of Code and an LFX (Community Bridge) Mentor for Cloud Native Computing Foundation.


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As a maintainer of Meshery and SMP at Layer5, Navendu Pottekkat’s passion for designing, developing and deploying scalable, distributed systems is evident in each initiative he advances. His dedication to open-source communities has been evident in mentoring interns through GSoC and LFX.

He also organizes Meshery and SMP CNCF Community Groups.


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