Navendu Pottekkat

Machine Learning - Computer Vision
ML on Edge


Block NSFW content using AI

Deep Learning Computer Vision

A web extension that uses TensorFlow JS to detect NSFW content and block them.

Teachable Machine

Deep Learning Computer Vision

A Teachable Image classifier that runs on any browser.

Awesome README


A guide to writing an AWESOME README for your next open-source project.

COVID 19 detection using chest X-rays

Deep Learning Computer Vision

A CNN model built on top of VGG16 that would classify X-rays of people with and without COVID 19

Data Science Bootcamp

Blog Data Science

A blog aimed to help students get started to the field of Data Science, Machine Learning and Deep Learning without any previous experience.

Smile Detector

Deep Learning Computer Vision

Real-time face and smile detection using open CV and Deep Learning.

Dog Eyes

Deep Learning Computer Vision

A Deep Learning model built on top of MobileNetV2 trained on ImageNet dataset to classify 100+ dog breeds.

Deep Learning in edge devices

Deep Learning Blog

A complete tutorial on getting started with TensorFlow Lite from building the model, converting it to TF Lite and using the model for inference in edge devices.

Heart Disease detection using data

Data Science

ML model to detect if a person has a chance of having a heart disease given their clinical parameters.

Virtual Drums

Data Science Deep Learning Computer Vision

Virtual Drum set built using Open CV.

Coloring Images using AI

Deep Learning Computer Vision

Coloring Black and White images using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks.

Generating Handwritten Digits using GANs

Deep Learning Computer Vision

Generating real-looking digits using Generative Adverserial Networks from MNIST Dataset.


Machine Learning Engineer focusing on Computer Vision and bringing ML to edge devices.

Works with Keras, TensorFlow, TF Lite.

Graduated from College of Engineering Chengannur, majoring in Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

ML Engineer at STEM.tisch Technologies.